Friday, June 08, 2007

2 years in the making

I don't think I can recall the exact date I started pre-production on this project, but we're pretty fast approaching the approximate date we started shooting. I think it was sometime mid-June of 2005 we started. Maybe July, I really can't recall it's been so long.

Still got a long way to go to though. As I believe I've mentioned many times, this coming Sunday is Heather's last shoot for the movie - I'm sure she's beyond thrilled to finally see the end of all this.

This is without a doubt the longest running project I've ever done - and will more then likely signal a massive decline in my movie making. I've a few more project already on the go that I'm doing for and with other folks, my own stuff though will turn more towards animated projects, mainly because it'll be much easier in terms of organizing.

So that's it really, I was just thinking how long this has been in the making and how much longer it will be.

After this, 5 more scenes, which are going to all look awesome, I've had so much time to rethink them visually to make them more interesting. These scene are the exposition scenes, which have a tendency to be boring and slow things down. I'm hoping to fix that by really going overboard on the visuals to make them as interesting as some of the other stuff you'll be seeing.

Rarely is anyone's favorite scene in a movie one of the exposition scenes, I'm hoping that this movie will change that.

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  1. Ha!
    You always say no more film, just animation. Have a good rest and we'll see another film that's got to get out of your head again. Looking forward to the viewing!