Monday, June 11, 2007

The end of another long day

It was one of those days, missing money, bridge closed for a bicycle race. What was supposed to be a quick trip to Petitcodiac turned into another 12 hour day. Anyway, I'm home and I'm going over the pictures from yesterday's shoot.

There's some really great stuff, so get settled this is going to take awhile. First off, I hope no one is suffering any ill effects from the dusty basement. And there's a lot of pictures with this update, so if you're on dialup, you might want to go for a stroll or something while it all loads up.

The end of the makeup session for the Bile Demons.
Moe arrived too late and didn't get any shots of me doing the makeup,
but luckily for everyone, Andrea MacDonald was there to
document the whole thing - I'll be adding that eventually.
This is Dan in makeup, by the way.
And here we have Draper.
And for a first, an actual shot of me.
I gots a broom! Screw you Harry Potter, mine's bigger!
And we arrive on location...
And we scare the locals a little bit.
Bile Demons are also very good hairdressers.
I'm not sure, but I think he overdid the hairspray and
is trying to wipe it off, and Heather looks rather amused by it.
Ooh, the scary basement of Bile Demon death!
Eww, Bile Demons actually leave Bile on things?
Another failed attempt to make Blacklights cool again.
Yeah, Bile Demon Bile (tm) is really dish soap..
What else did you expect?
I like these shots. I'm the Hulk.
And our actors lounge in our luxurious lounge/laundry room.
My first attempt to use reverse acting. Basically we do the shot in reverse,
because it's safer, then I reverse it, so it's now playing it the right direction
and hopefully it looks like Heather is actually grabbing and
stopping that sword before it hits her in the head.
I don't even know which one this is, Draper or Dan.
I think it's Dan.
Some more reverse acting excitement!
For only pennies a day, you can sponsor a poor
starving Bile Demon, just like little Gary here.
He just wants your love...and perhaps your liver.
"So, you think it shows at all?"
"Nah, barely noticeable at all."
This is Heather moving in realtime - she's that fast!
This is actually kind of creepy looking.
"That is the camera. Do not look at the camera!"
"Oh hey, come look at the camera."
This guy will eat your entire family for breakfast.
And this is Heather's reaction to:
"That was your last shot,'re done."
And in comes Jordan, Heather's double.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho...and something about killing Bile Demons.
Dan takes a moment to mentally prepare himself for what lies ahead.
And that's Kim, by the way, my newly appointed Production Assistant.
Dan and Jordan contemplate the best way to kick someone in the groin.
You can almost see the look of "She's going to do what to my where?"
You know, out of context...this is kinda strange looking.
"And now you get to chop him up with an axe."
She does look pretty happy about it, doesn't she?
And this, is officially the coolest picture ever.
If this was of Heather, it would without a doubt be the movie poster.
More action and axe chopping danger!
Meanwhile Draper,
who has been up for probably 20 hours at this point,
starts to fade on us.
"And don't talk back to me, or I'll smack you again!"
Yes, that is Bile Demon Bile (tm) once again,
splattered over the shot list.
And Draper's done.
We're all done...actually.
No sooner said, then this happens.
You really shouldn't rip it off like that...
My first thought when I saw this was, Dan has a look on his face like:
"Actually, that stuff in the mayonnaise jar we found
under the stairs there, wasn't so bad."
"Really? Can I have some?"
"Uh...On second thought..."

And I will leave you with this one last
heartwarming Bile Demon Picture.

That's pretty much how it all went. Only this makes it look like so much more fun. I was talking to Draper afterwards about the fact that there are people who do shoots like this 6 days a week, sun up to sun down - I have no idea how they survive. This was a pretty painful shoot, well worth it since it looks like all the footage is going to be awesome.

It's funny when I mention I do this and people's first reaction is "Oh, that must be fun." Well, in some ways it is, but don't think for a second we're all sitting around having a gigglefest the whole time. That rarely happens, this is damned hard work. It's stressful and sometimes physically painful - so why do I bother with it? Why not? When was the last time you got to wear monster costumes and play with real weapons?

It's partially for the experience of just doing something completely different for a change. And yes, it is fun sometimes. Although, I'd much rather be having "fun" in a nice clean room then a dusty smelly old basement - but you catch my meaning. Let's face it, you dress up for no good reason as a monster and go lurking in someone's might get your ass thrown in jail for being some sort of weirdo. BUT! Make a movie while you're doing it - now that's a different story.

Not sure where I'm going with this last little rant. It's 12 AM now, I'm tired. I'm going to drink some Canada Dry from a can and play Tomb Raider. Seems kinda boring after all this. However, if I dress up like Lara Croft and...never mind, there's no context humanly possible where that's exceptable.

I just noticed when I published this, I started at 9:49. That took some time to do.

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