Friday, June 15, 2007

On Editing Bile Demons

I'm writing this while I'm down at Cafe Diem having coffee and doing a rough edit of the footage from the other day.

So far so good. With a few exceptions however - there's always those. It was rather dark and hard to see sometimes just what I was getting in the frame, so because of that there's a few shots where I'll have to see if I can slim down Heather. Not the end of the world, just a bad oversight on my behalf. Luckily she's wearing all black so there's no obvious wrinkles or patterns in the her outfit that will show, I can just remove the pregnant part and suddenly she'll be a little less so.

I was aware that this was a possibility, and in some shots it's VERY obvious - but you learn to live with a lot after a fashion.

And of course there's the burned out pixel to contend with again. You might be thinking, but hey, wasn't that on the camera that got stolen? And why didn't you notice before? Well, everything we shot until today was fairly bright, so it wouldn't be noticeable. In a dark basement however - pretty noticeable. No worries, I know how to fix it.

I have pretty much everything sorted through for editing, might be a little clunky here and there, but I think overall it'll be really awesome looking. The only reason for the clunky is because we shot out of sequence 4 times. We shot with Heather, we then did a pass with Jordan, then we shot all the Bile Demon shots that were left over and finally some hand closeups with Kim (since Jordan had bright pink or red nails and Heather didn't) - there there was room for a massive amount of error - however, we encountered only some minor things. I won't be able to really see any problems until I get down to editing.

The reverse and slow motion shots we took should work out great. The forced perspective shot looks awesome. And the Bile Demon costumes and makeup came off really great - so overall one of the better shoots we've had in awhile - especially considering the amount of time and energy that went into it.

And the best part is, it doesn't look like we missed anything. So now, on with some pictures. I'm not writing amusing little captions today, not really in the mood.

So that's it and there you have it. Bile Demons galore. I'll probably edit this together over the weekend, should be pretty cool. Funny, while shooting it I was pretty impressed at how little post work would have to be done with this scene...and looking at it now, there's a bit to be done.

Obviously a couple shots with Heather need to be tweaked, no worries there. There's a symbol on a wall at one point - always knew about that part and was well prepared for it. Some parts just need to be cleaned up in general, the burned out pixel, some lights got into the background of some shots - things like that, no real problems there either. And some light effects need to be added.

The biggest oversight however was the lack of proper Bile Demon footwear. I never intended too many full body shots of them. But things ran long and we all got tired and whatnot, so when that happens you tend to get sloppy and not notice things. There's at least 1 shot at the end when the Bile Demons all pile into the room after Malice - we can clearly see they're wearing jeans and sneakers...I suppose it's very possible Bile Demons might've snatched them off some hapless victim, but I don't think so. A little cleanup is required there, not the end of the world though. In the end you probably will never even notice the difference if I hadn't mentioned it here.

So that's it for awhile. I have a couple little snippets of shots I'll be taking in the next week. A new lead up to the final scene with the Security Guard character and some entering and exiting of the scene with Jordan and a news report cutaway from another scene.

I hope to get around to doing something with the documentary footage Andrea shot soon. I'll post it here once it's done.

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