Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's getting closer

Things are moving along pretty well right now. So far so good, I think I've said that a million times. Once more hopefully won't hurt too much.

First off, the bad news. The room at the Delta I was hoping to get isn't going to happen. They debated about whether it'd be worth it to give me the room for free over possibly renting it and guess which won? Obviously me, otherwise it'd be good news. So unless I get rich again soon, we're moving on - so if anyone has any bright ideas, I'd love to hear them.

And now for the better news.

We nearly have a confirmed shooting date for our first scene, it'll be later next week out at the antique shop. It should look pretty cool out there. All the props are ready to go, and there's some cool ones, I have pictures of a couple.

These are some handmade books I order ages ago and finally received - the guys who makes them might be a little slow to finsih sometimes, but it's so well worth it. I have his website linked on the side there - the Stygian Depths - check it out and get ready to hear Sam Neill going on about the end of the world.

They're pretty large and pretty heavy, the lighting in my apartment sucks for taking good pictures, these don't do the books justice at all. They're about 4-5 inches thick, the backs are just as detailed as the fronts. I didn't measure them, but they're about 9" wide by 12" tall.

I've actually made a few props for the upcoming scene as well, so it'll be a nice array of weird items. As well I'm still working away on the Flashback scene, it's coming along, not as quickly as I'd like - but that's par for the course. Right now I'm finishing up the massive warhammer prop Rick's character is going to use. It's perhaps a little freakishly large.

And in addition to that prop for that scene I'm trying my hand at sculpting a prop as well. The warhammer is plaster over a form I made, it just requires some sanding and painting. The sculpting is for a small medallion that's used in open the portal to the astral prison - because that's what's commonly used for such things.

I drew up some designs today, spent some time online learning about the right way to use the materials that I have and whatnot. It's a pretty simple design, because I need to do a CG version of it. It'll look pretty funky I think when it's all done, there will be some images I'm sure.

As well there's always other little details that are working themselves out along the way. That's it for now.

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