Sunday, September 23, 2007

One more scene down

It was feeling a little rushed and hectic coming on the last few hours before this shoot. I've spent the last week or so checking and rechecking everything to make sure I'd leave nothing to chance...I forgot something. Luckily it wasn't the end of the world and wasn't even going to be seen anyway. Normally Derek's character has a tattoo on the back of his hand, we forgot the tattoos. In a way, big deal.

The scene we shot was a flashback scene where Grayson in the 1980's visits a Shaman by the name of Jarrill. We shot this scene before when I looked at it afterwards I really wasn't impressed - this time, it looks pretty damned cool. The most prop heavy scene in the movie and, to be honest, you miss a lot of the finer details in it.

We shot it out at an antique shop just past Bonshaw, I forget the name of it. I will mention it should I remember. He's closing up shop in a couple weeks for the winter though. The guy who runs it is a fellow named Richard, never caught his last name, but he's a really nice guy. He was really open to us taking over and shooting there. Not that it's a rarity that someone is that cool to deal with, but when you're filming way out of town you want as few things as possible to go wrong. The guy who owns you location is the very last thing you every want going wrong.

So we showed up, set up and started to shoot. The lighting was pretty cool - we actually lit it with an item from the shop, this crazy looking surgery lamp. It gave off just the right amount of light too, would've actually been too dark in there otherwise.

I took some pictures myself this time, Moe was sadly absent - a little disappointing given all the cool props. But I did my best.

We cleared off a table and I set all this crap up.

I did those scrolls myself, not that you ever really see it in the movie.
The designs came from another scroll I saw someone selling on eBay.
Didn't see the point in buying something I could make myself.

And finally this is what Kim looked like for the scene - you don't get to see her crazy ears here, but you do in the scene itself. And again, since it's a dark scene, the tattoos aren't really prominent. Originally the tattoos where much larger and kinda just cluttered up her face. This was a little cleaner and looked so much better on camera.
Now onto the scene itself. I didn't even bother with a shotlist, it's just 2 characters talking. I knew I wouldn't have room to maneuver around in there so I decided to just keep it simple. A couple angles on each character and that's really it. I'll be doing a little extra post to the scene to change it a bit.

In case you're wondering that the large,
fluffy thing behind Derek is...
It's a stuffed buffalo.

Just a cutaway to show a little of the clutter,
don't know if I'll even use it though.

Jarrill (Kim Bradford) looking all like a crazy elf.
I love those ears. They felt so delicate, but those buggers were
tough and it took a fair bit of yanking to get them off.

Just a wider shot of the whole place.

And another.

And I added this, I'm thinking I might do a quick little cutaway
to show some weird little bug, or lizard crawling over the book.

And that's it. The scene looks so much better then the first attempt. And also, I should point out, the 60 second Lord of the Rings looking flashback is embedded into the middle of this scene. That part will hopefully be shot in about 3 weeks time. There will definitely be some great pictures from that shoot.

Our next shoot is in about 2 weeks time. It's the present day version of the Jarrill character, she's now a gypsy calling herself Vanya. I'll explain better what that means whenever I post stuff from that shoot. It's going to look way different.

It was a good shoot, ran pretty quick. Thanks to everyone involved - all 3 of you.

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  1. Heather6:19 PM

    Wow, I can't wait to see this scene...judgeing by the props and the set from your pics it'll be really cool. Wicked makeup on Kim too by the way.