Monday, September 03, 2007

The unending movie

I’m not sure if this is really a good or bad scenario going on here. Now if you’ve been paying attention you’re probably well aware of all the additions and whatnot going on already. This last one is sort of being more of a bugger then usual.

The Brotherhood Flashback Sequence. The background to this I’ve already mentioned, but there’s been so many confusing changes that I’m not going to bother trying to wade through. I went from a sort of colonial look with 5 characters and moved to a more medieval/fantasy look with 4 characters (don’t ask why, it makes my head hurt). I was in contact with a costume rental place in Truro at one point (for about 2 days) and then decided against that.

So now I’m adding a new credit to list - costume designer and...maker? Something like that. No, I don’t sew, I don’t really know anything about creating costume patterns or anything. But it’s a choice I made when the prices and quality of the shop in Truro didn’t meet my expectations or budget

At first I thought I could work with it, add a few pieces made by myself (or some other poor unsuspecting soul) and be happy with it. I sat on the costume fence for a bit, then fell off on the DIY side. No offense whatsoever intended to this as yet unnamed costume rental place - the price just isn’t worth it. I reckon with the resources I have that I can do this scene more justice by doing this myself - so that’s the road we’re heading down kids.

I spent the afternoon analysing the basic costume pieces from Lord of the Rings and the easiest way to replicate them. So far so good. And after a lot of mulling over different ideas and whatnot I’m pretty damned sure I can pull this off a hell of a lot cheaper and a lot better looking then anything I could rent.

I won’t go into the costume detail specifics. So I'm putting this picture here:

This is pretty much what I’m basing my ideas off of. Now there will be some variations of course. And as it stands right now if I compare what my cost her actor would be (with rental and my own additions) - we're looking at close to $150 per. That's freakish when I won't even own the whole thing. Now, I roughly added up what it'll now cost if I do this all myself - $60 approximately for each one. The choice is pretty easy. The plus side is I will able to customize the costumes a touch more and I'll own them.

I'm starting on these this week, I should have most of the basic parts ready to go in about 2 weeks, so I'll definitely be posting some images of how these guys are going to look soon.

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