Monday, September 10, 2007

A little more progress...

...not a lot, but a little. Better then none.

Overall it was a productive weekend so I can't complain. Still muddling my way through the costumes for the Flashback scene. Made some major progress with the animated project with Dan, and a little leap in my CG work in general. Made some minor progress on another project I'm helping someone else do. And I shot something for The Monkey Rodeo last night and got myself an actor for the part or Pyre's fourth wife.

What I shot was one of those aside things. It's in a scene where Malice sits to watch TV for a second and a report comes on about all the missing people. So we shot the reporter on the scene going on about all the missing people and how the police are blaming it on Satanists. The reporter was played by Amanda Gallant, who I robbed banks with in another movie a long time ago.

Amanda as the intrepid reporter

We did about 4 takes, and in two of them we had a security guard from the building behind us wander past in the shot. It actually kind of makes it work a little better. Of course in the end this will be seen on a TV, and will have all sort of "news show" crap on the screen.

We were talking about the movie afterwards and filling in the blanks about what it was about and all, then I realized why not ask her to be the fourth wife? So I gave her the rundown, she seemed pretty amused by it - and there we have it, another thing wrapped up and ready to go.

Now, at the same time almost I got the idea to add another element to the movie. Nothing hard to do, but when Malice first turns on the TV I want a show on, she turns the channel to see the reporter. So we need a show. I'm not sure exactly what it'll be, but it will star Draper Bulger in his 7th role in the movie. It might be something minor and stupid, we may try to make it look like a snippet from a full TV show or movie - who knows.

That's all for now. I have to work on another project today and I'm hoping to do some costume work this evening if I can.

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