Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Remaking props

Well, just one prop really. In the downtime between shoots I’m sort of looking ahead to little things for upcoming shoots. There’s a prop, I think one of the first ones I made for this movie, that's going to be used soon. It hasn’t been seen yet though.

I was going over the upcoming props and I pulled this one out. It’s a tablet that Grayson gets from Vanya - it’s supposed to be some dark magic spell that can only be used once. It’s nothing overly special, just some Das with some weird looking letters. It’s alright, but looking at it and comparing it to some of the newer stuff, I decided it had to be redone.

The original tablet

See, nothing special. It works just fine for what it needs to be, but I just didn’t think it would stand up against some of the other stuff I’ve thrown in there. So I redid it.

The new tablet

This is pretty much just another sculpting test. It’s not the awesome or anything, but it’s much weirder looking then a simple clay tablet.

This is actually part of a test to see just what I can do with a little effort. This only took an hour or so of just playing around. The drying and painting obviously took some major time. Because it’s more or less one-sided, it makes it really easy to test molding and doing a resin cast of it. From there using some ideas I’ve gotten from the book props I’m purchased for the movie, I think I can do my own now.

At least that’s the idea. I don’t have time for anything to appear in this movie, it does open the door a little bit wider for me doing my own props for future projects - or for whatever reasons I feel like at the time.

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