Sunday, October 28, 2007

2 more scenes down

It was a long couple days, but well worth it. I'm pretty tired and sore right now and can't wait to go to sleep, I think I'm might actually get some sleep after all this. Although it wasn't a completely problem free shoot, I think it went incredibly well. We kept the the schedule pretty well (which is always a huge plus), and we didn't run into too many problems.

One small problem that was easily fixed was one of my actors had to drop out near last minute due to being ill. It happens, thankfully he had enough foresight to call me on Friday and let me know he thought he was getting sick. So I was able to run through a few names and get everything back on track.

Originally a friend of mine, Reg Clark was to play the 4th member of the original Brotherhood, so in a pinch we got Dave LeBlanc in, a friend of a friend sort of deal. He was great, although when he started swinging that axe around everyone stepped pretty far back. Everyone did an awesome job, it was pretty spot on. There was a technical glitch with the camera and we almost lost some footage, luckily the I can recapture it from the tape I'm still not sure what the glitch was and it does me me a little leery about this camera - thank god I'm so close to be done.

Now in case you're not aware what we shot today, it was the Brotherhood Flashback scenes, or the 60 second Lord of the Rings stuff. and to prove we actually did something that looked really cool:

Left to right: Partick Poirier, Draper Bulger,
Tim Gormley and David LeBlanc.
The four original badasses.

I think what the best part of this was that for a little while it felt like I was finally getting to shoot something different, this is totally unlike anything else in the movie and in some ways it really doesn't seem to fit until you get to see it in context - which won't be any time soon probably.


Tim and Dave

We managed to shoot everything pretty quick, the lighting wasn't the most awesome, but I'm doing a lot of color correcting so hopefully it'll be taken care of easily. Funny that the few times I'd been out there before, Fort Amherst, there wasn't a soul around - today, 2 cars when we arrived, and about 3 or 4 more over the course of while we were there.

A few folks watched for a bit, realized it was only so interesting and left. There was an older couple who I noticed as soon as we wrapped, they asked a few question and seemed pretty amused by it. Then just as I was taking some pictures and getting ready to leave there was this girl that appeared and asked up if we were with a re-enactment group, we said we were just making a movie, and it turned out she was from the Society for Creative Anachronism and from somewhere in Europe at that. She actually didn't even know anyone from PEI, why she was there and at the moment just seemed really odd. If you don't know what that society is, look it up online, you'll get why it was strange.

Then we headed back to town for some much hearty grog!

Nothing like a big tankard of beer-like substance
after a hard day of monster slaying.

And the grog came with it's own bar wench! It's actually Dave's girlfriend,
whose name I cannot for the life of me remember. I so suck at names.
She was a pretty good sport and just happened to volunteer at the last minute
as an extra in the scene.

And here's our table of weapons.
In case you're wondering where this awesome set came from, I built it myself...Well, that's not entirely true. It's the private room in the basement of Sim's Corner. It's an awesome looking place, perfect to something like this. Cost's $100 to rent for the night, pretty well worth it.

Overall it went well, despite the technical glitch. I have yet to go over over all the footage, I know what's missing and I hope I can salvage it from the backup tape. I've seen the more crucial missing shots on there, they look perfect, it's just some of the more fun stuff I may or may not be able to use I was really hoping turned out. We'll see, let's hope for the best, I'm too tired to deal with it tonight.

So I'll leave you with this, while I was taking pictures of the guys I accidentally took a video with my camera, so I figure why not post it.

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