Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Rant Aftermath

So after watching several episodes of Buffy and doing some work on the movie I began to feel less annoyed about the ass-clown guy. Not completely unannoyed, but less annoyed.

In other news though, things are progressing pretty damned fast with the rest of the movie, which is causing some stress I have to admit. It's like herding puppies trying to keep it all together. You get one thing settled and another goes off, you fix something else and two things go flying off somewhere and you finally wrangle all that and the first thing that was settled suddenly is nowhere to be seen.

I think it's all calmed down to a decent workable point. I'm juggling 5 shoots over the next 2 weeks, each one of them is fairly elaborate in it's own way and involves renting a location - which is always fun to do when you have to find a time 5 or more people can all agree on. And then to nail down all the little details of each of those scenes.

We're shooting all the Brotherhood Flashback scenes, so I have to make sure the costumes are good and ready (hence the ass-clown irritation). I'm been insanely busy adding all these little pieces to try to make each character fairly unique. I've still got a few things to do before that shoot on the 28th of this month.

Then I'm doing 2 more scenes with Derek Martin, one should be easy enough, but it's 3 pages of dialog and I had to push the shooting date up to this Sunday the 21st instead on Thursday the 25th. That was because the location I wanted, I was told the only available night was Thursdays, when in fact every Saturday and Sunday is available as well and this Thursday is booked. Kind of annoyed by that, but it forces us to get it over and done with. The set up for this scene is minimal, but I need a camera person since I'm in the scene. We'll see how it all goes.

And the other scene I'm doing with Derek is the scene with Pyre, the big fat, bedridden demon with his harem of wives. I have 7 people I have to wrangle for this scene and all of them require makeup. I'm shooting it at an Inn, thank god they are being so accommodating, this would be a nightmare if they weren't.

Despite all the people and all the makeup, the shoot should actually be pretty painless since only one actor really has any lines. Pyre is CG, so I just have to shoot an empty bed for a minute or so and he's done, then a couple version of closeups on Derek and that's it. There is a bit of a leadup to the scene, which was a problem finding where to shoot, but the Inn is giving us the entire floor so we can do it in the hallway like it was actually originally written when we were shooting this at the Delta.

I'm adding in some shots of all the wives, making sure they each have some screen time and some weird little thing they can do.

And finally I'm arranging right now to shoot the lead up to the end of the movie. That should be relatively painless, I need to secure the location with UPEI, I'm hoping that won't be too much of an issue. That'll be done in the next couple weeks as well.

And then it's just 2 scenes left. All interior shots, one is going to be incredibly elaborate, the other not so much. I'm hoping we can get to these scenes by mid-November. And then that will be it, it's on to post after all that.

I'm not sure how much I'll be posting stuff here once shooting is all over and done with, but you never know. I'm sure there'll be lots of little CG things and visual effects tests to show you, but it's going to be a very hectic and hopefully picture-filled month until then.

I should mention there is one more scene to shoot after all this, it's a secret scene more or less. I've told a few folks about it though. I won't say anything here about it, we'll be shooting it outside in the winter though. Should be a horrible day, I definitely want to get some picture of that to post here. I may even post that entire scene here once it's down. We'll see how it goes.

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