Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting ready for Sunday

Finally all the costume pieces for this Sunday, the Brotherhood Flashback scene, are all in. I'm spending the next couple days adding any last minute little pieces here and there to hopefully add a lot more to the scene. Trying to distress vinyl to make it look more like worn leather is a long process it seems - not really hard, it's just time consuming.

The only sort of looming downside is that the long range forecast says it's going to rain on Sunday. Heavy rain and the scene is a no-go. I'm hoping that the forecast is wrong, as it sometimes is. Even light rain, I can protect the equipment and still shoot.

Either way we'll get to do the Tavern Scene, which is the new opening to the movie. It'd be nice though if it all comes off well and I can move on from this. After that will be next Thursday, the new lead up to the Final Battle Scene. And then onto the next Sunday, the 4th of November to the scene with Pyre and his harem.

We seem to be running at a pretty good speed and getting most of what I think I need. The sudden realization I can lighten up my darker shots, which were a result of some unforeseen technical problems, has really helped my outlook on the final version of the whole project. It was kind of one of those things that always nags at you even though it's too late - although in this case, and some others, the nagging helped to finally fix the problem.

So after the 4th there will only be 2 scenes left. I'll probably take a 2 week break, before I dive back into those scenes. One should prove to be pretty simple, the other is the Boardroom Scene with the council of demons - lots of makeup, can't wait.

Anyway, I need to get back to work and eat actually, I don't think I have yet today. Hopefully we'll have some awesome looking shots to post on Sunday.

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