Monday, October 29, 2007

I went over the footage pretty quick this morning and snagged off the backup tape most of the lost footage. I guess the "technical problem" was sort of twofold. At a point in taping, things were going pretty fast, I had mistakenly been paused while recording and recording while I should have been paused. So I missed a couple things completely. The other part was I believe the cord from the storage drive had come loose.

So what did I lose, not too much, not so much you'd even notice really. We did a couple quick shots of the guys battling invisible demons - I lost about 2 of them, luckily we redid shots of all of them so I do have quick shots of all 4 of them, not enough to do several shots, but enough to do one of each. Ah well. It was added stuff, not scripted.

So here's some shots:

So that's more or less it. Should make an alright scene for the most part. I should take this time to point out, the costume (the cloaks and the jerkins on Draper and Tim) were made by Kim Bradford - thanks Kim. The rest of the costume pieces were made by me, cobbled from stuff here and there. The only things that were bought were the belts and the boot tops. The boot tops were really bright and shiny originally so I had to really scuff them up to make them look good.

Thanks to Rick, Draper, Tim and Dave for getting all dressed up it was a fun shoot.

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  1. Heather10:20 PM

    The Brotherhood looks fantastic. Good job on the costumes!