Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting ready

The next couple weeks are going to be a little busy. I'm shooting every Sunday for the next 3. I also have a few other things to shoot in between these scenes.

I met with a couple of my actors today, just to let them in on what they're in for and make sure they're good to go in the costume department. I also had to make my own costume for tomorrow evening's shoot. I'm playing a demon named Harkness, but I don't speak and I'm only in a couple shots. In case you're wondering where the name comes from, it's my Doctor Who reference for this movie.

I've also been trying to tie up dozens of little loose ends to make sure things go smoothly for the remaining scenes. Friday, Rick and I took a drive out to Fort Amherst to make sure it'll be what I need for the shoot on the 28th. Assuming the weather holds, it should be awesome. The weather on Friday was great. I snagged some photos while we were out there.

My freakishly long shadow.
These are just from my digital camera, I was more or less
testing some of the angles I intend to shoot from.
I kinda wanted to see just what I could get from the area.

That last shot will be the main wide shot with the four characters who are facing off against the army of demons. The background will have to be redone for the actual scene, and they'll have to be facing the other direction. That entire horizon line along the water will be filled with demons in the final version. Should be cool.

In the midst of all my cluttered headspace I haven't even had a chance to see Heather since she's had her baby - in case some of you who didn't know were wondering, she had it a couple weeks ago. I don't really even know if she's up for company, I'm sure she's a little busy right now.

Tomorrow morning I'm doing some storyboards for the evening's shoot. Since I'm in front of the camera for this scene I'm getting Moe behind the camera for my shots at least. It should be a simple enough scene, but you never know who things things will work. There's very few props, very minimal equipment needed and is just 3 pages of based on that, I'm ASSUMING it will be simple. I'm not taking any chances though.

So there should be some images to post tomorrow evening hopefully, until then I'm going to kill monsters and try to think if I'm missing anything.

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