Friday, June 13, 2008

It’s been an incredibly busy week, it’s looking almost over however. The last of the costume stuff has been sorted out and finished, the hoods look pretty good – if not rather demonically gimpish.

The prosthetics are already pre-painted – and since very little of the full face and neck will be visible because of the costume, they should be easy to slap on and blend it.

I’ve been doing my homework on the best possible methods of getting my demon army shots. There’s only 3 shots that require a massive horde, so I’m hoping this will go as well as it can. . Worse come to worse, I do have a good-backup plan – one that I hope not to have to use, but I’m more then prepared should I have to.

The shot list is relatively short and simple, only a page and a half, about 10 of those shots are incredibly simple and handheld (which always makes for a nice quick shoot).

Now, about the swords. This is one of those situations that just infuriates the hell out of me, it's not a huge deal - but it becomes a huge deal with mistakes are made. There were two version of the sword I wanted - here's a pitcure right from the website itself:

They're not bad looking, but of course the one with the "blood" on it looks a little silly. I specifically asked for the ones WITHOUT the crappy looking blood - you can see where this is going. They didn't have 4 without, 4 with - but not 4 without, in any size, small, medium or large. They had 2 of each - with and without - but I was being picky and this caused a hold up. Tthen I was told they could get 4 without no problem from their manufacturer in Denmark - so I waited..and got 4 with the crappy looking blood anyway.

Now I'm going to give whoever the benefit of the doubt and assume that somewhere alone the line someone didn't mention which version or miscommunicated with version. In any case, I wasted 2 months waiting on the assurance I'd get what I wanted, only to get exactly what I didn't want.

I'd be pissed it the swords weren't so dark the blood's barely noticable - thank god. Anyway, all the wonderful costumer service in the world doesn't make up for the fact I go the wrong item and it's too late to do anything about it.

I probably won’t update anything until the evening, or morning, after the shoot on the 18th. So be prepared to see some pretty damned cool looking shit. Or at least a bunch of guys standing around in a field trying to look cool.

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