Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Prop of Doom

I've been slowly working away at this reworked scene, and it's going to be so much easier this time around. Taking into account all the problems with shooting outdoors; a power source - can't film if your very expensive batteries die on you, location - hard to find a good one, even harder to find one you don't have to plan a roadtrip to get to, which also includes transportation and the time spent travelling...blah, blah and blah.

Anyway, all that is solved with one location. Oddly enough, I can find everything I need to shoot in the woods in Victoria Park (for those non-Islanders it's about 4 blocks from where I live). It'll require some creative shooting to avoid some minor background stuff that doesn't work, but not much, maybe for a small handful of shots at the worst.

And the best part is there's freaking electrical outlets about every 50 feet out there.

Now taking all that into consideration, it's a great place to do this. I scouted it out this afternoon, it should all work perfectly. However, I have to think about any potential problems such as, will any casual wandering through the woods person stumble upon our filming and cause some massive stink - I don't know why, but let's face it, some people feel it's their duty to bugger things up that quite honestly have nothing to do with them in the first place.

So I'm thinking, do I contact the city - or whoever, I've no idea really - and tell them that I'm doing this, see what their more then likely apathetic reaction is? Because it's a public place and it's not like I'm murdering babies or something, I'm just filming a stupid movie only a smattering of folks will probably even see. Regardless, it's the only "bad feeling" I'm getting right now about the scene.

For instance, even today as I wandered through there - I ran into a woman and her two kids...Imagaine their reaction to a bunch of dudes with swords and another bunch of leather armor clad demons with executioner hoods on. That won't be pretty. So I think you can see my concern.

My other option, would be to make sure I have a few extra hands on board to prevent folks from accidently wandering into this without warning. Not to prevent them from passing and making the woods off limits, just to forewarn so I don't have to pay therapy bills for anyone. I'm thinking regardless this is a good idea.

And after all that I'm still working out the smaller details of the scene, and one not so small prop. It now centers around a thing I'm just calling an "ancient device," it helps tie together a couple loose ends to certain plot points and whatnot, but also serves as a nice set piece.

It's going to be a 2' x 2' obelisk, about 6 feet tall, it will serve as a device that the Brotherhood uses to save the day - all very nicely explained, as well even serves to tie into the ending in a way I never originally intended - just visually though. That might not make sense until you see the movie though, so I won't bother to explain it.

I'm sussing out building materials today. I've a few ideas already, one if it pans out isn't cheap but requires almost no construction. The design is pretty basic, I'm not worried about that at all.

Overall, it's looking pretty good. The scene itself is 100 times better then before, asI believe I might've mentioned at least once.

And, Happy 50th Birthday to Bruce Campbell.

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