Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost in Shipping

Things are progressing well. I'd like more time, but I'm not complaining.

There's a near final script for Grayson & Gortch finally. I've just completed a breakdown of all the characters and extras, and there's a lot, as well as the locations, which seem relatively easy overall.

There's 22 roles in it. A lot are background, one or two lines. A couple are non-speaking, only one or two scenes. So that all seems doable. Most have to look like Special Agents, all suited up - which is pretty easy to organize. The hardest most time consuming will be working out the makeup - there's going to be a lot of it, but that's going to be part of the fun.

I think I'll be starting on the casting as soon as possible. I'll have to circulate the list around to my usual contacts and see what turns up.

The props should be easy, not too many and only a couple will need to be hand made, but well within my skill range. And they should make for interesting items to sell once the online shop opens (I still have no idea what that is going to happen unfortunately). There's going to be some Severed Baby Troll Feet, a weird demonic looking glass of sorts (no design for this yet, but it will feature an eyeball I think) and a medallion that shoots bursts of energy. Pretty standard weirdness.

So we'll see how that goes progresses.

Breath of the Dead has a really solid outline I'm pretty happy with, I started writing the script and hope to do some character outlines tonight. Casting will be pretty tough on this one, especially our lead - not only will she have to be an incredibly instantly sympathetic character, but she'll have to be a pretty tough chick to pull off the ending. She gets full body tackled into a river and has to fight underwater. This is going to be a really hard find.

I mentioned we'd worked out the deaths I think last post, this week I hope to start really designing them on paper and should be doing some field test for some of the more tricky - and messy - deaths.

Now to explain the title. This is a messy situation that I have a little trouble wrapping my head around given the number of hands involved. I recently place a pretty huge order with a company in Quebec, I needed some foam latex and this time of year is has to be shipped via a heated vehicle, which isn't cheap hence the large order to justify the shipping cost.

The company Sial Canada I believe they're called, I could be wrong about the full name, has been awesome to deal with, really nice helpful folks - no complaints whatsoever with them. And no complaints really with the shipping company since they've been incredibly communicative and helpful, but like I said "lost in shipping". I received 2 items out of 10 or so. The missing 8 were all boxed together and contained the foam latex. Now, I'm not sure where the fault lies yet.

Apex, the shipping company, handed it off to another company to haul it to their depot in Monction and then to another, Armor, to take it from there to here. Well Armor never received it. So I can't blame them. Apex claims it went through them with no problems, so it's obviously this other company - who took it from Toronto (I think) to Moncton. That's a lot of space in between to get lost.

Like I said, I almost can't complain because the folks at Apex have been so helpful in attempting to track it down. I really don't think I'd get this kind of help from any other courier server, certainly not Canada Post. And Sial has already confirmed that if nothing shows on the radar by tomorrow afternoon, they will ship a replacement at no cost to me. Awesomeness.

So really, I'm just left to complain about the annoyance this whole thing has caused, because the people involved are more then willing to take all blame and correct it with no expense to me. I'm hoping it works out, I'd really like to get to making some of the prosthetics and see how they look. And post some pictures of them.

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