Saturday, March 20, 2010

Productive couple days

Things are suddenly picking up a little bit of steam, which is hardly a bad thing at all.

Got some actors all lined up, even a couple new locations potentially lined up. I started outlining all the prosthetics and props I'll need to make for the next two movies - so far it all seems pretty reasonable.

I got to test my underwater camera case, it was a little nerve wracking at first since I wasn't sure just how reliable these things are or how the camera itself would react under water. I first just tested it in the sink while the case was empty - that worked. Then I let it dry out and filled up the tub, if you think the tub looks a little dirty, it's actually been stained a little pinkish from all the blood splatter tests I did last summer.

I'm just sculpting a new prosthetic tonight and I'll probably start another one tomorrow and that'll leave only 2 more I think. In total there will be 8 different prosthetics created for Grayson & Gortch. Not too bad.

Once I get my foam latex stuff next week, hopefully Monday, I'll be doing up a copy of the Randall Meincke prosthetic for Breath of the Dead - that's the name of the deformed voodoo zombie. It'll be a pretty elaborate makeup job too, there will be a main face, a rotting gimpy ear and a somewhat bulbous headpiece for the back. The actor will be wearing a baldcap under all that and will have some straggly hair added as well. Should look pretty funky.

Unfortunately I'll be keeping pictures of Meincke under wraps for now, so you won't be seeing him until the movie is done. In fact, no one but my self, the actor and a couple of the crew will ever see it until the first shot he appears in the movie - so the actors are in for a bit of a surprise I think. Hopefully that one take will end up making it into the movie and we'll get the reaction we're hoping for.

That's pretty much it for today. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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