Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I just got a couple emails through The Monkey Rodeo website asking about DVDs. These were from people who just happened to stumble upon it online too, not people I actually know. While it's awesome that folks would actually like to purchase these movies, I figured I'd do a short explanation of why it's not publicly available on DVD.

Each short, while totally viewable on its own, is part of a larger collection of short movies intended to be viewed all together. Not every time, but at least at once. I don't want each short floating around out there unattached from the larger project. And I don't have the money to professionally produce individual copies of all these movies, nor do I want to do it myself and create amateurish looking DVDs, especially when that is not my goal in making these movies in the first place.

Again, I certainly appreciate the interest in them, but they won't be made for sale (only viewable online) until the entire collection is completed. Which could be some time at the rate things are going. Until then, I might make then available for download possibly, but that's something I'll have to look into once I get the storage space to host them all somewhere other then Vimeo.

Thanks for the interest, we'll see how the rest of the project goes and hopefully even more folks will be interested in the future.

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