Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Things I Hate About Movies - Part 10.

10. Continuity Errors.

Now, you might think I’m going to bitch about movies with continuity errors. You would be so damned wrong. I’m going to bitch about assholes who think they “win” at movies by constantly pointing them out.

Look people, continuity errors happen. They’ve always been there and they always will be. Do you realize the monumental task it is to make a movie? Why do you think they cost millions of dollars to make? Do you see all those names in the credits? Think of it this way.  Take a huge empty room and place a donut on the table. Tell 1000 people who are about to walk through the room to not touch the donut. Without a doubt not one person will admit to it, but the damned thing will move or just have vanished. It’s just the way it works.

Now, multiply this idea by a thousand and you’ll just begin to understand the shitstorm that is movie continuity. I hate continuity, so when I make it movie there’s a line of what I will and won’t worry about – because (and I’ve said this before) making good movies is really hard work, which is why I don’t make them. You’ve got a single set, filled with hundreds  of little props and dozens, upon dozens of people walking through it between each take. Do you really expect that one little prop will never move between shots?

Glasses of water being full one second,  half full the next.  Clothing articles missing or partially removed or unbuttoned. Food, cigarettes, background extras, the list is unending. It’s just a near impossible task to make a movie without this happening. Everyone should know this my now. EVERYONE. So why do some people feel the need to sit on their little throne of “I watch the movie good!” and point out continuity errors? Sure it might be fun when you notice it the first time and it’s kind of a funny error, but you move one and continue to watch. You don’t sit and make lists and expect the world to be in awe that you’re pointing out someone else's mistakes – let’s face it, it’s like pointing out there’s weather today, we all know, we just care to talk about it sometimes because we’re too busy enjoying it.

The End. I'm sure there's more thing about movies that annoy me, but I can't be bothered anymore.

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