Monday, February 25, 2013

Need Zombies this summer on PEI for web series.

The title pretty much explains it.

If you've been following this blog you might recall I tried shooting a web series last summer, Bimbo Zombie Killers! Undead in the Water - well, it didn't work out since we were late starting and ran out of time. We're trying it again, now under the title Moonshine of the Damned.

We need zombie extras in order to do all this though. We're looking for reliable folks who can commit to just one day of shooting - there'll be several involving zombies, but most people will only be needed for one day for a specific scene.

Anyone interested in being an extra can email me at or send me a message on The Monkey Rodeo page on Facebook.. We're looking for adults only, no children please. Must be able to commit to at least one day of shooting, schedule will be available for this summer very soon - so no excuses there. We'll be starting in June and shooting on weekends throughout the summer on Prince Edward Island.

We supply the makeup as well, it will be foam latex prosthetic appliances - so if you're allergic to latex, you might want to let me know. We will be doing some simple face painting makeup as well from time to time. Zombies will be asked to show up 2-3 hours before shooting times to get done up.

Costumes can be any ratty old clothes (you can check to see if we have any zombie wardrobe though), no logos - no brand names at least, bands and stuff like that are fine. We're also accepting clothing donations for our zombie wardrobe - the more torn up the better and all sizes welcome, send me an email about that as well (same address as above), I'll even thank you in the credits.

That's more or less it, you can email me with any questions as well.

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