Friday, February 22, 2013

Demon Photo Services

While I'm continuing to do my own shoots, I am no longer really looking for new models - but that doesn't mean you still can't get demonized as I'm planning on offering up a Demon Photoshoot Service. Here's the details:

If you’re not a resident of PEI and you don’t live here, well that’s a problem. However, should you plan to be on the Island at a certain time and are interested, let me know – but 2 weeks notice minimum would be appreciated as I am busy and this is not a last minute thing.

Since every shoot will be, most likely, totally different, it’s hard to pin down all the finer details – such as locations, travel, costumes and whatever. I can say, I don’t have a car so travel is up to you. I don’t have a stock of costumes, so if you wanted something special or specific, you’d have to supply that yourself unless it’s so special (and you’re willing to pay extra) I’d have to make it. As for locations, anywhere you’re willing to drive to is fine by me.

Cost Breakdown:

For example, this here picture, should someone wish to recreate this, would be expensive – and that’s not even thinking of the costume, which was mostly custom made for this shoot. The makeup was a full face piece ($50), a pair of ears ($20) and 4 pairs of horns($40), plus application ($20) would run $130, plus $20 for the shoot itself – you’d be looking at $150 for that kind of photo shoot.

Another example

Forehead ($20) – and for this shoot I did make some custom fangs and had a pair of contacts leftover from another shoot with the same model.  This would run you $40.

However, if you wanted fangs, custom made ones are pretty pricey and a bit of a pain to do a right now (working on that however), my suggestion would be to find yourself some cheap Halloween ones for yourself. I think Repeats in Charlottetown actually has some all year round, but I could be wrong.

Some other important stuff to know:

The more people, the more time it'll all take and the more it'll cost - there's no discount for multiple people since it's way more work time for me. Also, multiple people at night can be tricky since it's harder to focus on multiple subjects unless there's good light.

Children...Nope. I DO NOT recommend this for children because there's a lot of things that can go wrong and some adults even have issues with it. I am not interested in dealing with these issues nor is a simple explanation enough to waive this - unless you yourself have gone through it and totally understand the entire process and are willing to convey that to your child and are willing to accept the consequences should there be a reaction to the makeup or something in the whole process, I refuse to do a shoot with anyone of age 12 - and there's no wiggle room on this, and they must be accompanied by a parent. Also, most of the larger pieces I have will most likely not fit children anyway.

Sometimes, in certain conditions - like nighttime - pictures can not to turn out very well, no problem there at all. Should you want to do a night shoot and the bulk of the pictures just turn out blurry and out of focus, I've no problem redoing the shoot at no extra cost. However, the makeup must be identical to the previous shoot.

I'm sure there's a lot more things that could be covered, but there's just too many variables - so feel free to send me an email, and asked away. Can't hurt.

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