Monday, February 11, 2013

Re: Your Brains

So the title was a bit of a lure, but yes, this is about Brains, just not Jonathan Coulton.

In case you missed it, I'm selling only 200 of these custom made, partially eaten Brain Keychains. They're made of resin with a hard gloss coating, hardware included as you can see here. They're probably just slightly larger than the average male thumb, if you needed to know that.

Why am I selling them? I'm trying to raise money for the Bimbo Zombie Killers! Moonshine of the Damned web series I'm hoping to shoot this summer. The funds are going towards the special effects needed for the series.

The details: for only $10 you get one of these bad boys and a thanks in the final credits of the series. Plus once it's all over and done with, I'll be picking a name from those who purchased one, and they'll be winning one of the larger props being made for the series. No idea what it'll be yet, but there's a lot of awesome stuff designed and it'll probably retail for well over $100 or could even be a one of a kind. Who knows. But it will be unique.

To date, 30 have been sold. 170 remaining.

Payment details: Canadians can use Email Interact, everyone else Paypal (Paypal users need to add $0.50 for each brain). Shipping in Canada is $15 on average and $25 to the US. Residents of PEI can just arrange a pickup or delivery.

Questions or Order can be sent to

Just let me know the amount of brains you want. If you need shipping or not, and if you do need it shipped, let me know your address. Pickup and shipments will be made every Tuesday. That's pretty much it.

Bulk orders are definitely welcome and encouraged for anyone looking to cut their shipping costs. And please feel free to share this, any help is good help.

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