Monday, June 24, 2013

Limited Quantity Moonshine of the Damned Zombie Prosthetics (Part One)

There's a lot of zombie prosthetics being made for Moonshine of the Damned, and most all of them are only being used in one scene, but the moulds are still good and I figured I'd see how many I could crank out before the moulds go to crap. Since I only needed one, I thought I'd offer them up for sale.

As the title suggests, these are limited quantity pieces, there's no master mould, just the original and once it's gone, these pieces will be gone as well - so if you're even slightly interested, I'd suggest you snatch them up as soon as possible. I could get 10 made, maybe even 30 - who knows.

Half Zombie. This was our homage to the Bicycle Girl from The Walking Dead - you can't tell from this shot, but there was only half of her of course. This piece was designed to use with Out of Mouth Dentures, at this time I'm not making these for sale since they need to be perfectly custom fit - however the piece still works on it's own without them. You could even get creative and try something yourself to create this look. Also, it's sized slightly smaller to fit women, although it could fit men with a bit of work since the mouth area is left wide open.

Half Zombie Prosthetic - $45

Piss Zombie. You'd have to see the movie to understand the name, but this piece was designed for a bearded actor - as you can see - so I wanted to make sure there was a decent impact to the piece, not just a furrowed brow or something simple like that. Visibility is limited obviously, so I don't recommend it if you plan on driving. Also, the area over the eye is fairly thick, so it can be carefully torn out a bit to accommodate your eye so you won't have to keep it closed if you don't want to.

Piss Zombie Prosthetic - $30

If you're interested in either piece, send an order to: foxhenderson @ Payments can be made through PayPal or in Canada, Email Interact is the best option. Shipping should be a flat rate of $5 unless you want something fast or more secure than a padded envelope.

And also, as the title of this post indicate, there will be more to come. And the same discount as on The Monkey Rodeo site for other prosthetics, also applies to these pieces. Zombie Walk orders - 10% off. Haunted Attraction orders - 25% off on orders over $100.

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