Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moonshine of the Damned, Production Journal #11

Not a huge update, just some minor in between type stuff. We've made it through 4 days of shooting, I've got potentially 3 more this month, all fairly simple stuff that doesn't require zombie extras, just an opening sequence, a one on one fight scene with a hero zombie and a quick cutaway of one of the leads after a zombie attack.

Right now we stand at 13 of 24 scenes down. There's a couple shots I'd like to retake here and there that won't be an issue or take more than a couple minutes during another shoot. If all goes as planned, end of June should see us at 18 of 24, with 3 relatively decent shoots and 3 majorly complicated shoots. The complicated ones are the last 3 of the movie and things start getting pretty messy, lots of zombies, blood and FX stuff going on there.

I've taken stock of what's left to create and it's still a lot. I've got a long way to go before I can just stop working in between shoots. There's about 10 or so custom prosthetic pieces, ranging from various zombies, to our lead villain to some rather mess wounds. Most of the props are done, although I'm running low on supplies and need to restock somehow - no budget left so I'll have to scramble some funds up somehow. That's what the fundraiser's for, so feel free to help out.

For this weekend I've been working on a hero zombie character called Angry Zombie. The Angry Zombie is our first major action type sequence with the character Freebird.  Whenever we're doing a hero zombie, I try to go a little overboard with creating them, just to give it a bit more than just some ugly, dirty face painting.

Here's the sculpt for the Angry Zombie piece, it's drying out right now, should be doing the first copy of the piece tomorrow morning. You can see the mouth is pretty messed up, that's because we'll be using the Out of Mouth Dentures with it. I didn't sculpt it taking the extra bulk from the dentures into account on purpose, it didn't effect anything with the Half Zombie and the piece can be used on anyone afterwards, not just someone with dentures.

Rather than attempt to sculpt the teeth on the fly with the dental acrylic while it's curing, I sculpting out a set of teeth and moulded them. Makes for less work on future teeth and really speeds the process up and makes it look better.

Here's the Out of Mouth plates, not attached to the teeth caps yet, next to the mould for the teeth. They turned out much better than the first pair, although the bottom row is a little wonky - but Angry Zombie is a redneck zombie, so perfect teeth seems a little unnecessary.

I'll attached the pieces for the dentures later today, won't take too long - unfortunately I'll have to wait until the day of the shoot to fit them to the actor, so hopefully they aren't too off, but at least they're quick to adjust.

 As well, I'm working on more severed zombie heads and a the first stage of the Spiked Zombie Head Mace prop. The first time it's used it'll only have one spike, since it's been impaled on a sharped stick, it's only after this one scene does it get modified. So I had to do up another zombie head - using up nearly the last of the latex. And made a new spike as well. The head didn't turn out so awesome, the foam collapsed so it's a little more solid than I'd have liked. It'll still work just fine.

The staff had to be removed from the final one already made since I didn't have enough material to make a second. Kind of sucks, but it did make it go faster in the end since I don't have to paint a new one.

Here's the single spiked zombie head, I'll be attaching this pretty much as soon as I'm done writing all this.

And a new batch of messed up heads. I'd love to have made more, just ran out of supplies. Should be enough for the scene though so I'm not too worried. I will have to make more though before we can continue shooting.

I'll be wandering out to the woods to get some sticks to jam these on after they're painted tomorrow. Should be fun. And I get to shoot all this on my birthday too, can't think of a better way to spend it.

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