Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moonshine of the Damned, Production Journal, Part 10.

Today's shoot went as as well and quickly as I'd planned. It technically was our fourth day, although it was one of two more days added to the eleven day schedule to make up for issues on Day Two. It was just the tail end of scene and I think moving it to today was a decent idea because it gave me more time to really play around with it and work out some different ideas - so it wasn't too much of an upset having this one little day thrown in. Plus it helped that today was a scheduled backup day anyway from Day Two, so that was some forward thinking there for a change.

Not really much to say about the day, other than it was a little hotter than expected and I think I may or may not have gotten sunstroke - at the very least one delightful burn on my neck.

And here's some pictures:

You'll probably notice the zombies are decently disheveled looking. The intention today wasn't even to feature them up close, but to just have them in the background - however all the extras decided to get extra dirtied up and it looked so good I added in a couple shots - which actually helped with a slightly continuity problem I just realized about four seconds ago as I began to write this sentence. So we lucked out there.

This picture reminded me of something I mentioned as we were leaving the location, next time - coolers with cold water and if it's sunny, we should get everyone to bring umbrellas. There was no shade anywhere near where we were shooting. I think the closest was about 100 feet away through a field with chest high grass. Not really convenient.

Didn't intend for a makeup job like this today, but it ended up working out that and here we have a pensive looking zombie waiting for this turn at the bimbos.

Since we had the location, I took advantage and shot a little extra - we needed to imply a bit of distance from the last location so there was some running, which allowed us to insert some new zombies rather than pretend they were part of the original crowd from the previous part of the scene. Worked out great.

Also, didn't intend for a local like this, it was all mostly set in woods and near streams - but I had to adapt things to fit what was more convenient. And it looks pretty good anyway, so I'm fine with that.

Our cast of bimbos and some exceptional zombie extras. Everyone did a great job and I couldn't be happier (despite feeling exhausted from a very long 4 days and having a sunburn).

No idea why I did this. Trevor just happened to through on some shades and wander to his car and I thought, we need a shot of this. So here it is:

And finally, the line of the day.

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