Saturday, June 22, 2013

Moonshine of the Damned, Production Journal #9

We finished Day Three of shooting on Moonshine of the Damned. This was a repeat of footage from last year and while I forgot my shot list for the day, it was all slightly familiar and we even finished pretty close to schedule.

We shot in a place we've been to before, the old car museum in Dunstaffnage. I think we're pretty fortunate since we have a good connection with the folks that own the place. It's a great location, no immediate plans to use it again, but nice to know it's always a decent option.

Things pretty much went as planned, nothing uneventful. We had a tricky schedule to work around and it all panned out. Had some on the fly makeup to do and it held things up a little, but not too much - and it came out decently at that.


Me and John, getting things ready. Always great to work with John, he's always up for most anything.

This sequence was nearly dropped from this last draft of the script, but after some consideration I realized it wasn't slowing anything down and while it didn't add to anything, it was a funny little moment that was my weird homage to one of my favourite movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - a very vague reference, but one nonetheless.

We even got the original actor back to reprise the role, this time with better makeup. I neglected to get a decent shot of it though, kind of disappointed about that.

You can kind of see the makeup a little better here. James was blind in one eye but it didn't slow him down at all. Here James Davey (Piss Zombie) and John MacDonald (Bo) show off our jug of fake pee. I actually tinted it this year, for no real good reason other than just to do it - I've no idea if it'll even show up on camera as being yellow.

And I had to do this again.

Didn't get too many pictures inside, but the lighting wasn't great for still shots - looked awesome on video though.

Eventually Jillian showed up and we got down to work. This here shot was one of the few locked off shots because a zombie will eventually be bluescreened into it.

Doing some very simple makeup here, needed to do a messy gunshot wound to the face - something we skipped over last year. Nice to be able to add all these little touches back into it. I just did black around her actual eye, it'll be darkened out in post to appear deeper and remove her actual eye.

One of the last shots of the day, Jillian (Daisy) peeking out of the barn.

And that was it. It was a beautiful day, not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon either.

We got three cast shots this time around because of the stages of when people arrived and left and makeup.

That's it. Got another small shoot tomorrow, should be quick and relatively painless. For me at least.

And of course, here's the line of the day:

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