Sunday, June 09, 2013

Moonshine of the Damned, Production Journal #7

I wanted to post photos, but I'm too tired to really be creative about it or put them in any order. 

We finally had our first day, after 2 false starts we decided to just go for despite potentially shitty weather. We lucked out and we got about 85% of what I wanted to get done today. Our biggest stumbling block was my inability to check out the location beforehand - which cause problems.

The main area I wanted to stage the final fight, was utterly ruined by fallen trees. And then upon discovering a nice little path to a bridge that wouldn't taken us to another decent area - that bridge (a small one) was ripped up and flipped over. I have no idea why, but it really threw a massive wrench into things. So after a little reworking and rethinking, we shot everything we needed all the zombie extras for - thank god, that would have been a colossal waste if we hadn't been able to.

Otherwise it was a decent day. I forgot my shotlist so I was making it all up as we went and even totally altered the way the opening scene was supposed to have been and it worked so much better.

Everyone was awesome as usual. The zombie extras were fantastic today. It was a much better way to start things off than last year. The makeup looked better, everyone seemed almost too eager to get filthy and stick twigs, leaves and crap in their hair. It was great.

One of the shot of our Bicycle Girl homage, I've mentioned it before and it was an effect I really wanted to see happen as well as I could make it happen on such a small budget. The Out of Mouth Dentures weren't perfect, they did interfere with the prosthetic a bit - I know better for next time - but either way, it looked great for a first attempt with them.

The entire cast of the day, Kim Johnston, Crystal Murphy and Maggy Essery chose to sit the picture out.

Another shot of Half Zombie.

The Bimbos.

Overall it was a great first day, I've quickly checked the footage and I'm pretty happy with it. I'm hoping to get some energy back tomorrow to start work on editing.

And I just want to take the time to thank everyone that turned out today, everyone was fucking awesome. Thanks.

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