Monday, October 30, 2006

The Animated Monkey Rodeo

So I thought about this for about an hour, then decided what the hell...

I'm going to attempt, once the actual movie is done, to do an animated sequel to The Monkey Rodeo: Malice. It'll be called The Monkey Rodeo: The Final War. Without giving away too much of the ending and whatnot of Malice, this will take place shortly after the ending. Of course what that ending is I can't say, although it's probably obvious now that Malice survives.

The format will probably be like this; it'll be available online - on some website that I'll put together at some point in the future, updated maybe once a month, depending on how elaborate the animation and characters will be. It'll be in episodes and each one will kind of be self-contained, but part of a larger story.

At this point in time it's just an idea, so it MAY NOT actually happen depending on a number of factors. There's no plot as yet, although I do have a few ideas of where it'll go. I have no idea what characters from the movie I'll use, other then Malice, how long it'll be or anything.

The reason I'm doing is is because I wanted to write a sequel (sort of) but make it so over the top that there'd be no way without a buttload of cash I could do it. I'm still planning on doing that, by the way, it's totally separate from this and actually will NOT feature Malice at all - but another, more demonic looking main character. Some of the minor characters would of course return for that one.

That movie will be much farther into the future perhaps, or maybe even a completely different set of circumstances - either way the 2nd movie will stand completely alone and have almost nothing to do with the 1st movie. And whether or not this even happens is dependant on money.

I will admit there is a lot left up in the air at the end of Malice - so instead of trying to do another movie continuing that story - which I really don't want to honestly - I thought the cheapest, most simplest way was to do an animated version. I got the idea from another online animated cartoon called Xombie - it's really cool, you should check it out if you like zombies and robots, or even if you don't, it's still cool.

My last words on this, is that it won't be computer animated - most likely. I'm thinking Flash, because it's come a long way. There's a lot of junk done in Flash, so I have an aversion towards it. But doing it in 3D would be a nightmare probably. I'm used to Flash, haven't used it in awhile, so I'll probably be testing things out for some time.

In anycase, I'm just thinking about it at this point. Thinking so much in fact I even did a cartoon version of Malice just to see how it might look.

Note: Heather, this was done really quickly and I actually didn't try too hard to make it look like you - so if someone thinks it does, that's cool. And for everyone else, I haven't done 2D stuff in a very, very long time - keep that in mind.

PS. I'm rather sick right now, so this could just be part of some delrium induced whim.

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