Monday, October 23, 2006

Another night of shooting done.

Did a rough edit, everything looks good. Some shots will need some colour correction and whatnot, but that's becoming pretty common right now so if that the only problem I'm encountering then that's still damned good. A few shots the burned out pixel shows up really obviously in, so I'll have to touch that up too. I had nightmare about burned out pixels last night, isn't that sad?

Now we have to cut together some scenes that already have footage done, over a year ago. This shot here cuts with an opening that was done at least last September. Luckily the weather was nearly the same that day too.

And this was originally in a kitchen, but because the previous footage of the kitchen kinda shows it looking completely different - we went with this.

Malice gets headaches. I'm debating using the "headahce effect" on this shot. There's a whole point to Malice getting headaches, kind of a major point in a minor way - so to draw attention to them I'm doing a whole effect to sort of visualize them. It'll look a bit like the weird shakey effect from Batman Begins. Not perfect, but looks pretty good.

Again, old footage. This was last September on a Sunday night after shooting something else. Originally the scene was supposed to include both Malice and Grayson in the shot together, but for some reason the original setup just looked horrible. I couldn't think of a decent way for it to open or close, so I went with this:

And the other side of the conversation was done last night.

Offscreen is the prophecy the whole movie revolves around. No shots of it as yet - even though it was in this scene - it came out blurry so I'm either reshooting or doing a post effect with a computer generated prophecy.

While this looks relatively simple, it was acually a bit of a bugger to get everything in the shot and lined up. Came out good.

And there's the Spike of Valania - one of the main weapons in the movie - although after the opening sequence you don't see it again until the last 3rd of the movie.

Not too much to say about these shots - just some back and forth dialog between Malice and Grayson as the world is about to end.

And that's it. this is the closest shot to the end of the movie at this point.

So there everthing is. After last night's shoot there's only 11 scenes left. And most of these are going to be buggers to shoot. I have no idea what the running time is so far, I think I'll take a moment this week and see what we're at so far. Keeping in mind there are 3 major "story" scenes left to shoot that involve a lot of talking and plot points - then there's 3 major fight scenes as well, so all that alone could be pretty long.

That's it for today.

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