Sunday, October 22, 2006

"It's already started."

It's a crappy day out there, but it doesn't matter, about 98% of the shots today are all interiors. And exteriors will probably just be faked somehow from here on out.

Just 4 small scenes today. A couple with Malice and Grayson, then a couple with Grayson alone. Less then 4 pages, so it was a pretty easy day overall. There wasn't too much to worry about, other then lighting, which I have to admit this is the first time I've really been concerned about it - and given the relative ease in which things are progressing, I don't have too much to complain about.

So here's the deal...This has been a regular pattern, for the past few shoots, so I'm planning on doing it this way from here on out. I shoot, Moe takes photos, we finish, too tired to do anything else, check the footage to make sure it's good, then look at the photos, I'll edit the following day. All that means is this: from here on out this is the way the blog will probably work, with each shoot there'll be 2 posts. One shortly after shooting, containing the "behind the scenes" photos, and a little bit of what went on. Then the following day (or fairly soon afterwards) I'll edit and take some still from the editing to post as well.

Here's the photo's for today's shoot then.

Ooh, we're blurry and then when you look closer...we're not.

This is when Malice realizes Grayson needs some Grecain 5.
Actually this is the best I could come up with to make
Derek look older, there's back story to this I might
not have yet explained, but I will at some point.

Just myself and Derek getting ourselves organized...
This took 18 years, we're that bad at it.

Malice has a headache..
Grayson has an umbrella...
not sure what else to say about this really.

Setting up for the 2nd scene. For some odd reason,
regardless of how small this space looks and how short
the scene was, it still took a while to walk through it
and make sure everyone knew what they were doing.
At least it felt like it did to me.

It was at this point in the movie that Heather
threatened to quit unless she got a bigger trailer.

And that Derek realized those weren't bi-focals.

Moments in the movie before Malice goes to see
Karl (me) for some backup to fight the big bad.
For some reason this shot looks like it should be on the
poster for a play, it has that kinda "on stage" look to it.

See...those aren't normal books...I had another name for
them, I don't think I can repeat. Something about Harvey
and body parts. Only Derek and Moe heard it,
and I'm not sure what they remember.

I think this is one of the few handheld shots in the the movie.
I hate hand held shots, mainly because they always look like
a spastic idiot was holding the camera.
Aand much to my dismay, there is suddenly proof.

Derek reads his contract for the first time
and doesn't understand a word of it...
and then wonders where can he get a big knife to stab himself
with to threaten for a bigger trailer.

That's it for now, I'm dead tired again. But at least I got what I needed and everything came out great. Both Heather and Derek did a great job - I always feel like I forget to mention that at the time because I'm so relieved we're done and everything seemed to come out fine.

At first glance the footage looks awesome, I will be taking a closer look tomorrow and doing a rough edit - from which I will pull a few choice stills to post here and ramble on further about. But for now, thanks again to everyone involved - we're so bloody close to being done!

I think at last count we have about 11 scenes left. Both Heather and Derek have 6 scenes each, and one of those they're both are in - so assuming my math isn't totally buggered up, 11 it is. Of course, 3 of Heather's scenes (I'm sorry if you're just finding this out know, I meant to mention it if I didn't) are fight scenes. One she gets to beat up some Bile Demons (dangerous weapons are involved), the 2nd she gets to beat up Draper again (he's also one of the Bile Demons) and lastly she gets to beat up and kill the big bad of the movie - which is going to be played by her boyfriend (we haven't shot with him yet, those will be close to the last scenes shot probably).

So the next month should be fun. Sorry if there's some spelling mistakes, it's 1:30 AM and am I'm bloody tired. Have a good night.

And one last thing. I've decided, not right away, but I'll probably be doing a website for the movie too once I've completely done filming. There'll be a trailer, probably nothing too major, but at least I'll be able to use a lot more footage then the last one I cobbled together with a lot of "faked" footage.

I think I mentioned doing the mini-poster thing before, so at the same time I'm doing a series of deskstop wallpapers as well. Still at the "I'm just thinking out loud" stage when I talk about it, but I figured once it's done there won't be too many updates to this blog - because post-production is only so much fun, it moves at a pretty slow and boring pace it might not be worth it to update as often - so it might be worth it to have something a little more visually permanent afterwards.

That's it. I'm a frelling zombie and frelling tired and I'm going the frell to sleep.

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