Monday, October 16, 2006

Is it that time already? Bugger.

I got a chance to go over the footage finally. And it all came out perfect. Which should be a huge relief to everyone concerned.

So, join us as we take a magical journey into the world of Bile Demons, Jim-Jims and Voodoo Spirits Bombs...

Malice approaches the spooky old house,
and it really was rather spooky. smells funny in here.

The first official glimpse of the dreaded Bile Demons!

Ooh, and another one...The excitement of it all.
By the way, what the hell kind of wallpaper is that?

The Voodoo Spirit Bombs.
Not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Malice pays visits Karl (me in case you forgot) a visit.

"This is a Jim-Jim."

"I've alwasy wanted one of these..."
Start asking now kids, Christmas is coming.
Don't want to left out and not cool, do you?

Don't worry, it's just the end of the world. No big.

The Ark of the Covenant has swords in it!
Not really, it's just a trunk with a hole in it
and a smoke machine. But the swords were real.
That's it for now. I might actually have some other "behind the scenes" pictures coming up. Rick took some as well while we were out shooting in the country. So there might be a small update again this afternoon.

We're shooting again next weekend, I'll be behind the camera - so that leave my photographer, Moe, a little more of a chance to do her thing. Should have a few decent things to see come next Monday.

Until then, have a groovy one, I'm off for coffee.


  1. again, with the relief things turned out well! only issues i have from the screen shots i see here are minor. but i've already told you about them, and exclaimed my relief to you as well.
    which pretty much leaves this comment null and/or void i suppose.

  2. It turns out that the owners of that house live somewhere in the States - nobody seems to know where, and they haven't been back in a long time. So, I doubt that anyone around there would really care . . . although I was thinking how funny it would be to see the fishermen drive past you guys shooting in there - you really need one of those fold-out chairs with "Director" written on the back so that people know there's a movie being made . . . and maybe a megaphone just sitting around.