Friday, October 13, 2006

Creepy Houses, Jim-Jims and Voodoo Spirit Bombs

This was a long couple days - it could've turned out to be the biggest bite in the ass in the history of everything, but I think it came out pretty good. I haven't checked all the footage completely yet, I'm way too tired. Started at 8 this morning, it's a little after 11 at night now - there was not one second wasted.

Today we did our last big exterior shot, it should've been done ages ago, again one of those things that just never happened. Given the time of year, we needed to get it done soon - and today was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky until about 3 (and we were done by then, so who cares).

The shot is the leadup to one of the biggest (aside from the ending) scenes in the movie, it's just called "The Bile Demon Sequence". I'll let you think about that one, for those of you who have no idea what the story is about. Bascially, Malice has to retrieve an artifact from an old house infested with Bile Demons, this particular breed has extremely flammable bile, by the way.

So we shot this 1 minute leadup, where Malice drives up, walks into and through the house towards the basement - because where else would Bile Demons be but the basement. The actual bulk of the scene will be our last shoot ever, mainly because of the logistics and massive amount of planning needed.
We had a house in mind a long time about, it was in great condition, ugly and vandalized, with mattresses in all the rooms, creepy as hell. But it's been sold and is now looking all brand new. No good. A couple weeks ago, a trip out to Cardigan area found this place, it's a beautiful house - the paint and plaster is all peeling and it reeks of mildew, but at one point in time it must've been a great house. Too bad it's in such decay - but, that's good for us.

The whole shoot was uneventful, I really expected some local to get a little curious and upset and come "have a talk with us". Nothing, we shot, we left. All good.

Malice (Heather looking like she could kick your ass)
enters the creepy house.
Bile Demons are so hard to dress. Me trying to get a
cloak onto Rick (the obligatory stand in guy - thanks Rick)
Oh, and that's Heather laughing at us.
And did I mention Rick is also the obligatory driver guy?
Thank again, Rick
Heather has one of the cooler weapons in the movie here.
The Spike of Valania.
We got back into town shortly after 3 (we left shortly after 1). I had a couple hours to race getting into makeup, setting the last minute things up. I had a bugger of a time finding the shirt I wanted to wear too - nothing like preparing in advance...I find out too late. But everything's all good regardless. The makeup was a little pissy getting on, but it looked pretty good. The shots Moe took of the makeup look awesome, I only hope it came out as good on camera.

Me and at mid-stage in slapping on the makeup.
It's one thing putting a prosthetic on someone else,
it's an entirely different situation when you have to do this yourself.

I feel so pretty.

And I'm all done.

Then came time to start shooting. I think we were a little late shooting, sorry about that. But things seem to go rather smoothly. Like I said, haven't checked the footage, but there's nothing that could've been done anyway if it hasn't

Karl and George (Draper) play...yes...that's Hungry Hippos.
Thanks Bobbi-Ann.

Heather slaps on the dreaded eyepatch!

In the middle of a scene. The little skulls were awesome.
Designed by myself and made by Kim Braford and me.

Ooh, it's a sword and some eery smoke and glowly stuff coming from a trunk!

Karl gets ready to fight some evil! I decided it'd be fun to do a series of mini-posters for the movie. Not sure what the end goal of doing this is, just thought, why not, it'd be fun. Figure the rest out later. This is from the first photo shoot for the mini-posters.

And off it comes...

And yes, this is every bit as fun as it looks.
If you're a self-loathing bastard maybe.
So ends another day. I still have makeup residue on my face. My apartment is still in slight disarray - I don't care at this point. After 12 now, I'm bloody tired.

It was a good day, tiring, but damned good overall. If I didn't get a chance - Thanks Rick for the drive out to the country (even though I did pay for it AND bought you breakfast).

Thanks Moe for taking some awesome photos and working behind the camera tonight when I couldn't - and not throwing things at me if and when it got stressful and tiring.

And thanks again, for the millionth and probably a million more times to Heather. You have no idea how much I appreciate the crap I get to put you through, it'll be worth it when you get to beat up Draper a couple times and kill him.

I think that's it. What little brain power I had left is gone. All I can think of is that it'll be days before all this excess makeup will be off my face and out of my hair.

So have a good night. If all goes well, the world should still be here when you wake up in the morning.

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  1. as daunting as it was being behind your camera, it was a lot of fun. no worries about me throwing things at you either, it was relatively stress free. except for that time i forgot to change the settings for the two long scenes and then we ALSO realized for some reason the camera wasn't recording when i hit record... i kinda wanted to pull my hair out.
    also, i feel bad for being so tired. i was having fun, i swear! my body just refused to show it.

    and that last picture you posted will likely give me nightmares. it's pretty creepy looking. i have to admit those contact lenses sort of give me the willies.
    although, your expression is perfectly priceless.