Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another one almost done.

I spent a the better part of the day rigging up the Demon from opening of the movie, the one that's only seen for a few shots. And while there's still a few minor little details I'd like to work out, he's pretty much done - again, like the Titan, it's just a few simple adjustments to the texture now that the pain-in-the-ass work is done.

This guy will be rendered in layers, moreso then the other CG characters to really give his skin a wet, slimy kind of look, it's a little dry looking otherwise.

I also managed to fix The Librarian character up quite a bit, the main body is done, rigged and working properly now, I just need to adjust his clothing a bit to make it work properly once he's animated. I'm hoping to get some time to finish him off this week and then I have a few more minor CG characters to do before I start in on the big bad of the movie Mal'Vash.

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