Monday, December 15, 2008

The Demon

Well, it's done now too.

I ended up doing way more adjusting then I thought I'd do - there are still a few minor things I'd like to fix, but given how long it'll be onscreen and the massive amount of backtracking and redoing nearly everything it'd take, I'm not doing it. The texture's a little stretched and whatnot in a few places, nothing I can't live with though.

I'm hoping to have The Librarian done by this time next week.

And also, I'm literally a few hours work away from finishing Demon Rum. I'm doing some foley this week and ordering the final music for it as well. I'm hoping to have it on the go for this weekend and will most likely post it here temporarily, I'll be removing it and replacing it with a link to the eventual website I'll be doing - no idea what that'll happen, but you'll find out pretty much as soon as I do.

1 comment:

  1. Great work dude... this guy is nasty looking. And by nasty looking, I mean in a good way like, "Hey, that demon is very nasty and demon-like... good job" not like, "That CG model is just nasty". Yay Demon Rum!!!