Monday, December 08, 2008

The Titan again.

I've been working on him quite a bit the last week and I think I'm nearly done. Here's a shot of how he looks at the moment.

The only thing I'm really not happy with, seeing this version totally completed, are the joints. They definitely need to be broken up more with more debris sort of floating about. It's a little annoying to have to go back and redo the last weeks worth of work - all the texture maps and whatnot will totally have to be redone as well - but it should be worth it.

It's just a matter of breaking the left shoulder off from the torso, maybe a crack straight through the torso and a couple cracks on the right elbow and wrist. So far so good though, it at least stays consistent with how I thought the process would work, seems I have to complete it 3 time before I'm done. This represents the 2nd pass at finalizing the model and texturing, so a couple more days and he'll be done.

Also, I'll be updating again this week to show off my first attempt at making a silicone mold.

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