Thursday, December 25, 2008

Post Demon Rum

Upon seeing Demon Rum I've had a few people who've asked me when Malice will be done. And a few misconceptions that Demon Rum is somehow a clip from Malice - it's got nothing specifically to do with Malice. Demon Rum is entirely a movie within itself, it just happens to be connected because of the Monkey Rodeo world.

And as far as when Malice will be done, it'll be done when it's done. In other words, I don't know. I can tell you it won't be tomorrow, or next week, or even May 2009. I've been making some great progress, but that's only been in creating, I guess what you could call, "assests" for the movie. CG characters and props and sets.

As far as the CG characters, only one is left. And that's the main villian of the movie, Mal'Vash. I started working on modeling him yesterday and so far I'm really happy with how it's coming along. His design isn't incredibly unique, but rather sort of familiar. He looks like a villian, and of course someone you would refer to as a Demon Lord.

I won't be posting any pictures of him, maybe a blurry Sasquatch type image, but that'll be it. And other then him, I've a few minor CG weapons to create, those are always easy since there's a real world version. And I think just one digital set, The Library.

Once the assests are completed I've been starting from the first scene and working my way through the entire movie scene by scene. I'd estimate each scene will take a month or so. And there's 50 scenes, by the way. But not all of them require a massive amount of post though, so it won't be another 5 years or anything. I do think it'll be by this coming fall if all goes well.

Anyway, next up is Cronus. I'm hoping to get the script nearly finalized for February and starting in with shooting by April or sooner if it works out that way.

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  1. Demon Rum was uber awesome! But seriously, how many times had you (and myself) actually explained to people that Demon Rum was a short film? Some people's children, huh? Hopefully people will catch on the millionth time you explain, "I'm doing a series of SHORT films entitled 'The Monkey Rodeo Project'. 'Demon Rum' and 'Cronus' are part of that series".