Thursday, June 18, 2009

17 day to go

For every little bit of progress, something else falls apart on this project. Nothing serious, just a little frustrating every once in awhile.

Luckily, as of today I've finally confirmed my cast.

DALLAS: Heather Panton
JESSIE: Leah Quimby
SALLY: EmilyAnne Fullerton
JEB: Draper Bulger
WILKINS: Ritchie Simpson.

A couple new folks I've never worked with, but everyone seems pretty into it - based on email impressions only, I've yet to meet everyone in person.

On the falling apart side of things, it's props and FX. I spent the day yesterday working on an eyeball prop, I got it molded, turned out great. I thought it'd be a little cheaper to use the Flex Foam-It since I have so much left, rather then ordering in some new foam latex...I was wrong and I ruined the mold. The Flex Foam-It really doesn't like, or I guess really likes, the UltraCal mold. I must've just lucked out it didn't adhere to the axe mold like it did to this one.

So I have to model another one and mold it in something else. More expense then I was hoping for, but so far the movie's been pretty cheap to make. Also, I've been pretty lucky to have found a few really good suppliers of the materials I use here in Canada, so they'll arrive faster and cheaper - that's pretty good.

That's it for now. I'm hoping to do some costume shopping next week and should hopefully have all the new supplies in by end of next week as well.

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  1. So we only have to snag a hat and some footwear for my costume, right?