Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pre Zombie Killing

In some ways Bimbo Zombie Killers! has been easier to figure out then other projects, and in other ways it becoming a little problematic.

The locations are nearly all taken care of, which also solved the transportation problem. I'm shooting in Victoria Park, so no need to bus everyone out of town. Plus, given that I'm not getting the number of people that I wanted having a smaller enclosed space will make the smaller crowd look a little larger...I hope.

This will probably slightly offend anyone who falls into the category of people I'm about to talk about, so be prepared if you think it might be you - you do deserve it kind of. Over the years I've had so many people ask me to put them in a movie, most of the time it comes out "So, when are you going to put me in a movie?" Which I think is a little rude, especially when I either hardly know them or sometimes not at all.

So pretty much all those people have been asked, about 10% have actually agreed, 20% said no and the rest are just saying maybe or haven't even responded. Unless you finally end up coming to the shoot, I really don't ever want to hear you ask me ever again.

Otherwise, casting is still stumbling along slowly. Considering we shoot in less then 4 weeks, this isn't a good thing. I'm hoping we can take care of it in the next week.

The prop building is coming along, although nothing has been done yet, a lot of the details are slowly being worked out at least. It'll be close, but I think it should work out.

And the fake blood. I've been going on about finding just the right recipe and avoiding the sticky syrupy kind - looks like that's about all that's going to work.

I haven't tested any of the special effects I'm going to use yet either. Pretty soon though, I'm hoping.

Otherwise I'm still plugging away slowly at Cronus and Malice, when I can get a peaceful moment - right now sitting at the computer half my time is spent pulling kitten claws from various part of me.

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  1. Agreed... anyone who has bugged you or myself over the past few years querying, "When are you going to put me in one of your movies?" can now officially piss off... I sent you guys a goddamn invite! Anywho, BIMBO ZOMBIE KILLERS!!!