Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Eyeball

The smallest, most insignificant prop is giving me the most trouble. An eyeball. I modeled one from clay, made an UltraCal mold, turned out good, tried using it with Flex Foam-It, ruined the mold. I think I mentioned that before.

So I tried another yesterday, I was a little worried I'd have to order more silicone just for this, I really wasn't interested in spending the money on it right now, luckily I had enough of the regular stuff and the silicone used for doing lifecasts, called Body Double. I really don't care for the Body Double since it so messy, but it worked for this to finish off the mold.

I think it turned out alright, the sculpt broke demolding it, but that was to be expected. I let it sit overnight and I tried another run of the Flex Foam-It this morning, we'll see how it turns out in a few hours.

The original one, now ruined. Too bad, it wasn't bad looking at all.

I didn't have it in me to spend as much time on the 2nd version since really this thing will be small on the screen and be in there less the 5 seconds.

Once it's sculpted, this is all you need.

I had to suspend the eyeball in the cup in order to encapsulate it totally in the silicone.

And here it is...not terribly impressive looking is it? It should be good once it's painted, it just looks like a random lump with a small crud trail right now.

It's really light and pretty tough and flexible, which is great since it has to be very lightly glued, or stuck someway, to someone's forehead yet still be able to be flicked off with little effort. This should do it just fine.

Maybe today or tomorrow I will get around the sculpting the only prosthetic for this movie, a blow out eyesocket - has nothing to do with this eye oddly enough.

That's it, back to fighting evil for a bit, until it gives up and goes home.

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