Monday, June 15, 2009

Less then 3 weeks to go.

20 days before the first shoot for Bimbo Zombie Killers! and there's still a lot to be done. Luckily most of the casting has been taken care of, just have to confirm and meet with a couple people but we should be alright there within the week hopefully.

On the prop side of things, I'm hoping to get a good run at it this week. The axe is done, still needs painting. I have a shotgun and still waiting on a handgun (both are just air guns). I've sussed out the casting materials for the jugs and hopefully I can order them this week or early next if all goes well. Then it's just a matter of settling on a decent material to make the copies.

I have a couple prosthetics to make, hoping to get to them later today. A blown out eye socket, a gory arm wound and an eyeball. The arm wound is going to be the hardest depending how it's shot because I want to have it torn open and I'm really not sure if I can do it live, or with a cut. We'll see, I have yet to storyboard that scene.

Locations are nearly all sorted out, I'm hoping to scout out the last one today and check on the Victoria Park situation as well.

Other then that, I'll be testing out some fake blood recipes and doing some CG blood splatter tests. I'm going with CG splatter because it's cheaper, faster,cleaner and easier to set up properly and all that good stuff.

And I did one more script revision before I settled into storyboarding, which is going well and pretty quick. I'm not planning on shooting this fancy it's going to be pretty simple. I've isolated all my zombie horde shots so I'm assured to get at least those done on the first day of shooting and we'll see what happens from there. I just hope the weather works out.

So far I've only got about 30 or so rednecks recruited - out of almost 300 invited to the shoot. So far 70 not attending and about 60 maybes and the rest are ignoring it. Not looking great, but I can deal with it if those that said they'll be there show up. Anything less then 25 is a huge letdown.

That's it for now, off to fight zombie evil.

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  1. Hahaha... I read this post just now and I was like, "Only 3 weeks to go... man." and then I realized, "Man... it's only a week left to go now!". Yep, true story. I suck at life :P Hehehe...