Sunday, June 07, 2009

Not much news, just working away.

Been working away on the visual effects shots for both Malice and Cronus. So far so good. The FX for Cronus are proving to be a little trickier then I'd thought, although the worst of them is almost over.

Got some new stuff on the way for making some foam jugs as well as a foam axe. The jugs will be harder, whereas the axe will be much like the one we used in the big fight scene for Malice last summer.

And in non-movie related stuff...
I picked her up at Pets Unlimited on Friday afternoon, took me awhile to decide what to name her - I went with Madchen, but I'm just calling her Maddy. She's about 7 weeks old. I'd forgotten how hyper and excitable kittens were - at least she pretty much sleeps through the night.

My other cat, Mulder, isn't too thrilled but she's getting used to her.

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  1. She is pretty hyper but sooooooooooo cute. Hopefully Mulder will warm up to her soon.