Monday, June 22, 2009

There will be BLOOD!

Things are starting to shape up last minute. All that's really left to worry about with Bimbo Zombie Killers! are the extras prop jugs and the fake blood. Although there was a last minute cast change when one of my actors dropped out due to a work conflict. I think it's taken care of now and we got ourselves a new actor in less then 24 hours.

Otherwise, the weapon props are all taken care of now, that's a bit of a relief. The casting is done, locations are sewn up - we even got a location I wrote out because I thought it would be too hard to find, but I had to look no further then my lead actor's back yard. We needed a shine shack, we now have a shine shack. I just need to talk with a fellow who own the property we're shooting at on July 12th and I think we're good to go.

Here's the zombie killing arsenal.

And I finally got the eyeball prop made. It's far from perfect, this foam isn't cut out for small items, it's surface is too porous and the prop itself is too small. The material works best in a larger quantity, better chemical reaction. But it's good enough. Worse come to worse, I can do a CG eyeball if this doesn't cut it.

The costumes are mostly sorted out now, aside from two of the actors - I'm hoping it gets done in time. Still a few minor details here and there.

And the most important thing, the blood. I did a lot of testing, but I've finally got pretty much what I want. I just need to start making jugs of the stuff.

I got the supplies for making the jug copies, I spent yesterday evening and this morning getting it all ready and even got my first jug made. To save money on the mold I made what's called a glove mold, instead of a huge block of silicone I just use a kind that you more or less paint on in layers, then make a support shell for it and there you. I make it sound simple, it's far from simple.
This is just a shot of the shim, basically when you make a 2 part mold you need to have a temporary wall to represent where the edge will be. Sort of.
I did one, I don't have a picture of it yet, but it did turn out alright even with the lighter, more brittle foam. I should be able to get maybe 5 or 6 more from the amount that I have.

And of course, Maddy was extraordinarily helpful in all this.

Otherwise, I've been slowly plugging away at Cronus this week, only a small number of FX shots left, the hardest are pretty much done. Then it's onto recording the new audio for everyone. The process I'm using seems to work pretty well, I hope it stays that way.

So far, so good. I'm just hoping the weather holds out.

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  1. Guns... axes... eyeballs... blood and jugs!!! What a movie this'll be!! Who dropped out dude?