Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amid the chaos of the day...

The last night on Cronus went well, pretty nerve wracking but it went well. I've yet to check the footage, we did while shooting though just to make sure we got everything.

The place is now utterly destroyed looking. One of the chairs is smashed up, there's broken glass (fake) all over the floor, the chairs and pretty much everything. And the desk is broken in two and files everywhere..

It was fun.

That's it for shooting on Cronus, didn't go exactly as planned - never does though. It's pretty much all edited aside from the scene last night, which I doubt will take long since it was almost all one take for every shot.

The desk breaking gag worked great, one take is all it took. We were prepared to do about 4 though, one was all that was needed and trust me when I say it was a little shocking when it happened. It was loud and a nearly lamp popped making it a little more dramatic.

I had to place a sign there because I think nearly everyone was tempted at one point to sit. This is the breakaway chair, so it would've been a shock.

And here it is all destroyed, this picture doesn't do it justice. I took some footage of it, we'll see it that does.

Draper showing off the one and only injury of the night and it happened on the last shot.

So thanks to everyone involved. Draper, Natasha, Pete, Adrian, John, Kier and Heather. you all did a pretty damned good job. to Kim for waiting around taking most of the pictures and watching all this. To anyone we got props from, or helped out in any small way, there were a few along the way. Especially to Ray Brow for letting us use his building for all this, it would've been a massive pain otherwise...I don't think he knew we'd be trashing the place though.

And that's is it for now for Cronus. I did a voiceover version of the trailer, I'll probably post it later today. And once the movie in done, in about a month maybe, you'll probably see it here.

And now onto Bimbo Zombie Killers! I have to pick up a shotgun today. Awesome.

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  1. Great job Fox and John... it was relatively painless and not as unnerving as I originally expected. Principle photography for Cronus is now done... and... done :D