Saturday, May 30, 2009

"We have achieved jugs!!!"

The title quote is attributed to David Bennett the guy who made the jugs pictured below.

This is for Bimbo Zombie Killers! by the way.

At first the moonshine jugs were just meant to be a small part of the movie, once the script was finished they had become a fairly important aspect of the story. So I needed to have some made since it was nearly impossible to find 3 identical ones. Before anyone I know pipes up with "You should've asked me, I have 3" - you should've told me you have 3, how do you like that?

I'll be soon making a mold of one of them and making about, if I can afford it, 2 dozen foam copies of the jug. Mainly because I need a pile of the things for a couple scenes.

As far as other other work on this project, I need to create a foam axe - which is well on it's way, the details are sorted out just need the molding materials. A huge load of fake blood, I've sussed out a good recipe, I think I mentioned this before that I want to avoid syrupy blood because it's just too much of a hassle. I've got something that seems decent in a small quantity and splatter really nice, a little thick but it makes it a little cheesier - which is good.

The weapons are nearly taken care of. I was going with a Firearms License and hoping to get real ones with the firing pins removed - not enough time so I'm going with some cheap air guns. They look pretty good for what they're worth.

Other then that, still sussing out hordes of rednecks to become zombies and trying to track down 2 more bimbos. I might have them taken care of this week, we'll see.

Location scouting starts this week as well. I'm breaking down the script to see what I need and how I can manage wrangling about 50 extras to get all their footage in one day.

This should be fun.

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