Friday, May 08, 2009

The first still from CRONUS

I haven't had a chance to update anything on CRONUS lately, I've been pretty busy - even though I'm not supposed to be. That's kind of annoying. Also, I need to get a new hard drive to dump all the footage on - I'm rapidly running out of room it seems.

I snagged one clip off the camera at random and did a little test to see how I could process it. This clip was pretty simple, it was shot against a black sheet and meant to look like a bit of a dark interrogation room, originally it was supposed to be in a club owned by Bofa, the big guy on the left. It seemed too much work for such a short scene, so we did this instead.

This clip was in HD, I didn't downscale it for Standard Def. I'm pondering leaving it in HD, I've never edited in that format before so I've no idea what I'm doing. I guess it'll all depend on how the makeup looks in the brighter scenes if I chose to leave it this way or not.
The beam of light was added with just a simple filter in Premiere, I've never used a filter like this before - never had much use, but it really worked well here. I was going to attempt a similar look using another and I don't think I'll bother now, this works well and is much quicker.

So that's it for now. I've made a stab at the poster. It's looking pretty good. 90% of the footage for the trailer is already shot, I just need a couple good Cronus shots and that'll be it. Hopefully it'll be ready by next weekend.

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  1. The make-up and prosthetics look great in that light. Hopefully in the other scenes with more light it will look as good!