Friday, May 01, 2009

Almost time

I don't even know where to start. It's been one of those weeks.

The office set is coming along well. Most of the stuff has been moved in, still some of the minor props to get together and a little set dressing needs to be done. Overall it's looking pretty spiffy.

The prosthetics are all done, just running off some duplicates for each day of shooting. So far I'm pretty beyond pleased with how this part of the project had come along.

Props...Some good, some bad. Last minute we managed to cobbled together a few ideas and came up with one prop that's been eluding us for ages. Something as simple as a little box for the Gateway Key prop to be held in. We found one and it looks great.

The guns. This is were it starts to fall down. I've never used real guns, with the firing pins removed of course, so this was a learning experience. And a lesson learned well. Now I knew right away someone involved would have to have a Fireams Safety License. Normally the fellow who owns them would come out to the set, this time he couldn't so we had to find out own person to transport them. One of our actors being a police officer we though we'd be fine...Nope.

This is one of those things that makes sense and doesn't. He carries a gun for his job, therefore he's exempt from needing a license to carry it. But that doesn't mean he's allowed to carrying guns for personal reasons. So we don't have guns, at least not cool looking ones. We have crappy painted up plastic ones. They look okay, but still a disappointment.

Draper and I are getting our Firearms Safety License soon to avoid this in the future.

The costumes are at the dry cleaners, I pick them up tomorrow.

Otherwise, I need to dress up the rooms a bit at the location to get them ready for Sunday night and we're all set for our first night of filming.

I won't bother going into all the hassles and this and that that went on. Some spots were really annoying in the pre-production, but overall it's gone pretty smoothly. Let's see how the shoot goes now.

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  1. Crappy plastic guns are better than NO guns I guess. Pretty crappy about happened with all of that Firearms Safety License crap. Oh well, we'll just have to be uber-awesome during filming to compensate.