Sunday, May 17, 2009

Editing isn't as fun as you'd think, unless you think it's not fun at all

I muddled through converting all the footage and going through it all shot by shot picking out the takes I wanted. I really have to come up with a better method of doing this. Of course I didn't notice until afterwards the file number is displayed on the camera and I could have just been taking note of which take was good...would've saved a lot of time. Ah well, next time.

As far as editing went, I've had more fun. Now, I can't blame anyone, nor will I, because it's as much, if not more, my fault then the actors. It seemed (in the final scene in any case, the rest looks fine so far) that everyone was doing something different with their hands or their body positions every single take.

I blame it on first night of filming, everyone tends to get a little carried away. I was more worried about making the shots look alright and getting done on time. I really should have been paying better attention to what everyone was doing.

Shooting 6 actors all interacting is a pain the ass though, if even one person is out of place it can make a cut look awkward. In any case, I got it all to work pretty well. I was thinking far enough ahead to get way more coverage then I could ever use - well, I used it all.

Having said all that, I'm either way better at editing or the footage wasn't as bad as I thought. The edit still could be tightened up a bit, the visual effects added and once the dialog is all relooped it should come out pretty damned good actually. It's a little hokey looking, but it kinda makes it work all the better.

Anyway, here's a couple stills from it.

I've got 2 more scenes to edit before Wednesday when we do our first relooping session.

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  1. Holy HD Heaven Batman! I hope that my stuff wasn't too much of a pain in the ass to edit.