Sunday, July 05, 2009

First day on Bimbo Zombie Killers!

It wasn't an awesome success, but it was pretty damned good. Despite the weather and the threat of rain looming literally over us the whole time, I decided to just go for it. I guess it was a good call, because we did get about 75% of what I intended to get shot today.

We had a dismal turn out for extras, I won't even get into how much of a pain in the ass that sort of thing is. The folks who did show up, did a great job though. I was pretty happy with what we got. Seeing only 10 on the screen and how much it filled it out, my original number of 50 would've been insane to handle. I'm kinda glad it worked out like it did. It's not massively impressive, but it's good and it was fairly easy to deal with.

So onto some pictures.

I spent the later half of this week constantly working on props and blood. I had the major help from Kim and Draper on the last day, otherwise it just would not have been done it time. And man, my place looks like the end of the world, I really need to take a break from shooting stuff so I can just clean all this crap up. I'm still moving from around from Cronus and trying to make myself some room.

Mmmm, blood.

It's jug painting time! This took us about 6 hours I think. The three of us worked on painting 18 foam jugs over the course of the evening. Draper took off around 8 or 9 and Kim and I finished up by about 12. They turned out pretty damned good. Thanks guys.

The first picture session of the day,
Heather as Dallas, the eventual Bimbo Zombie Killer!

Some of the extras. I have to admit, I didn't know many of them,
but still I was grateful they showed up.
Heather's dad even came out to get gored up
and even got a small part played Dallas's pa. Typecast I guess.
First Blood! Not the John Rambo kind,
the syrupy, fake, that tastes like kid's paint kind.

Some redneck zombie goodness.
The Bimbo Zombie Killers! Heather, Alisha and Leah.

So we've got another shoot tomorrow scheduled and I was able to schedule another somewhat quick shoot after that to do a little of what we missed today. Let's hope that goes well, the weather is supposed to be alright tomorrow apparently.

And we're shooting again on July 12th, I'm hoping that'll be it. I don't want this to turn into a 5-6 day shoot getting only a little done here and there. Things fly by pretty fast so I reckon so long as the girls know their lines (and the did really well today) things should work out good.

And finally, thanks to everyone who showed up. The extras did a great job just being extras.

As usual, my regular actors, Draper and Heather did a great job - sometimes being able to just act like idiots is more fun and easy to do then anything.

Alisha did a great job for her first time out and avoid being gored up because of a dying camera battery - I'll get you next time.

I apologize to Leah for not getting to any of her scenes, soon though, very soon.

And of course to Kim, my official zombie wrangler, you gored them up but good.

Thank guys, it may not be a brilliant movie, but it will be awesomely bad.

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  1. Dave Perry10:11 AM

    Hi Fox,
    First off, thanks for letting Dempsey (the kid who put his hand up wanting to get his head shot off) participate. He loves this stuff and really enjoyed the day!
    I assume you need extras for this Sunday at Orwell (?) We were planning to go east on Saturday but if you need extras on Sunday, we can change those plans to help out and to give Dempsey a repeat experience. One of the bimbos promised him they would blow off his head this time, so he is pumped :-) Happy to participate on Sunday if needed, and perhaps I can talk some others in the family to join in as well.

    Thanks again
    Dave (dad in orange shirt)