Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minor Update

Not too much new going on. I'm just finishing up the last FX shot for Cronus and then doing up a final edit and finally onto the relooping sessions with the actors. Then comes the awesome fun or sound editing and the incredibly craptastic music editing. I tried finding some good royalty free stuff, but there's nothing that fits this genre. I'm hoping I can find someone who can whip something up for me - I kinda hate dealing with musicians, some are next to impossible to deal with. When you find a good one, and they are out there, it kind of spoils you since they are the exact opposite of the rest.

I'm also hoping to get a final edit of Bimbo Zombie Killers! minus the blood done soon. I have to get an idea where I want to add in some extra blood and then spend a day getting blood splatter and blood spray shots. That should be fun. I've no idea when I'll get around to the audio for that, it's just a matter of time.

And then finally I've been into pre-production on the 3D movie. It's all cast, aside from the extras. I've got the script broken down to the point where I can start location scouting and prop hunting and costume shopping. I'm hoping to get the supplies to make the latex masks for the Alien Brain Monsters in the next 2 week because I'd really like to start shooting this 2nd week of August of not sooner.

We'll see how things go. The best part of the 3D movie is that there's next to no CG. Anything that can be done like it would've been done in the 50's is how I'm trying to do this. Mind you, there are some things that just can't be done the same way, so I'm forced to do it digitally. But the UFO, will be a crappy thing on a string with some forced perspecitve to make it larger. Same with a couple other effects.

And what little post effects there are, will be done to look as as simple as it would've originally been done, so don't expect a special effects extravagana here. This is going to look like old school crap.

Also, I wanted to mention the response to the Bimbo Zombie Killers! trailer has been pretty good, I've not had many people specifically comment on it, but the trailer on YouTube has gotten quite a few hits and it seems a lot of folks know about it - mainly because of the amount of extras that had been in it. There's been a fair amount of extras in the 3D movie as well, so I'm hoping for a similiar response.

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