Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another boring update with no pictures.

I'll make this quick since I do plan on doing a more interesting update in the next few days or so.

Cronus: on hold because of no audio equipment, the video aspect is finally done though.

Bimbo Zombie Killers!: Waiting to find a time to do all the post splatter effects, should be doing the audio in a couple weeks. The audio equipment is different then the stuff being used for Cronus, long story.

All About Monsters: this one is just lying in the background waiting for spare tie to design the creature and line up all the re-enactment shots.

The 3D Movie: most of the props have been sorted out. I should be working on the alien monster masks later today once the supplies arrive. Still have yet to meet with all the cast. Locations are still sort of sketchy, but most are simple enough aside from the lab set.

And the next one, Grayson and Gortch needs a final script, which I'm hoping to rough out pretty soon. I haven't even looked at it in months, it could be done for all I recall. This one won't be shot until late September.

That's it really. Just slowly working away to get this latest project up and running. I think it should work out alright.

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